Monday, 30 July 2012


Dear readers

Welcome to our new blog! Entitled 'The Insider', it is written exclusively by our trainee lawyers. This blog will showcase their career development within the firm and post their monthly opinions on such themes as life as a trainee lawyer and recent cases in the legal world.

B P Collins LLP has a reputation for delivering high quality trainee contracts due to the 'hands on' nature of legal work that they are exposed to. As such, all our trainees demonstrate a real passion for the law and this platform allows them to express their personality through writing and provide insight to future trainees who are considering a career at B P Collins.

We hope you enjoy reading this unique perspective on the law and about the services we provide. Please email any feedback on The Insider to me at

Jacqui Symons
HR Manager
For and on behalf of B P Collins LLP

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